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Village of Bluffton Income Tax Department
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154 N Main Street, Bluffton, OH  45817

Mailing address:

                                Village of Bluffton Income Tax Department

                                P. O. Box 228

                                Bluffton, OH  45817


(Please note all Tax Forms, Payments, and Documentation can be dropped off in our Secure Tax Drop Box located inside the front lobby of Town Hall on the right side wall for your convenience.)


April 18, 2016:  Required Annual Tax Filing Deadline for the 2015 Tax Year.   This deadline applies to all 2015 Tax Return Filings, Payments, Exemption Certificates, and Extension Requests.


***All Income Tax Returns, Extension Request Forms, Exemption Certifications, and payments must be received in our office by the filing deadline or penalty and interest charges will apply.***


The Village of Bluffton currently has a 1.25% income tax rate in effect.  The Village of Bluffton is a Mandatory Filing Municipality.  This means all residents and businesses operating in Village of Bluffton limits must file a return annually even if no tax is due at the time of filing.


Note:  Bluffton School District Tax Returns and Payments are not filed with our office.  Do not drop off School District forms or payments to our office.  These cannot be processed, and you will not be accurately filed with the correct agency. Bluffton School District code is listed as 0203 on W-2 forms.  Please do not confuse this tax code withholding amount with Village of Bluffton local withholding amounts when applying withholding credits on your return.  School District Taxes withheld/paid cannot be applied as a credit on your Village of Bluffton Tax Return

To access School District Filing information for the State of Ohio please use the following link: 


See our Filing Instructions for complete information on what is considered taxable and for filing details.

Mandatory Filing is required of all residents and businesses within village limits, and any non-resident persons/business entities doing work or earning income within village limits (see exceptions below). 

Exception 1:  If you are a non-resident of Bluffton, but worked for a Bluffton employer that paid you wages and withheld Bluffton income tax from those wages correctly at 1.25%, you are not required to file an annual return with us. 

Exception 2:  If you have no taxable income to report for the current tax year, you must submit the Individual Exemption Certificate or Business Exemption Certificate form as your filing for the current tax year.  This only applies to the tax year it is filed for, and future filings are still required. 

Exception 3:   If you have no taxable income and will not have any in the future (example: retired or permanently disabled), you must submit the Permanent Certification of No Taxable Income form to be relieved of annual filing requirements for the current tax year and in the future. 

Note:   Annual filing of a return is required of all active taxpayers regardless of whether a tax liability is due or all tax was already withheld or paid by the time of filing.

Note for Businesses:  Active Business Taxpayers must still file a return for the tax year even if a loss was generated for that specific tax year and no tax is due.  This will ensure accurate reporting of any carry-forward loss, since our ordinance contains a 5 year carry-forward loss provision. 


See the "Search Tax Forms" menu to the left to access fillable/printable tax forms in .pdf format for both individuals and businesses.  Returns are not accepted electronically.  They must be mailed in or dropped off at our office. 

Due to the availability of tax forms on our website and in the front lobby of Town Hall, tax forms are no longer mailed out unless specifically requested.

Payment Options:

Payments can be made by mail (PO Box 228), in person at the Village offices, or in the tax drop box located inside the Town Hall front lobby on the right side wall. Cash, checks, or money orders are accepted - please make checks payable to the VILLAGE OF BLUFFTON. Please note that credit cards are NOT accepted at the Village offices. Credit card payments can be made on-line through or by calling 1-800-2PAY-TAX (1-800-272-9829). For phone payments use Jurisdiction Code 6786. A processing fee will be charged by Official Payments for both options.


***Please do not place income tax payments or returns in the black Utility drop box outside in front of the Town Hall building.  Please use the designated tax drop box on the inside lobby wall.***


Please do not send confidential tax returns, documentation, or information  through email, as this cannot be a guaranteed secure form of transmission. Returns will not be accepted electronically.

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