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Community Visioning

Beginning in April 2004, the Village Council initiated a Community Visioning Process to evaluate the current state of the Village and to more fully understand the community’s image of itself now and its vision for the future.

“Visioning” is a term used to describe a strategic planning process that develops an image of what a community would like to be in the future and action steps to achieve that image. The process brings together a diverse group of residents from the community to gather and evaluate information from the community and, based on that information, develop a vision for the future of the community.

The Village of Bluffton Visioning Committee consisted of citizen volunteers representing a broad range of ages, interests, and length of time in the community. The Visioning Committee was initially charged with answering four important questions:

·      Where are we now?

·      Where are we going?

·      Where do we want to be?

·      How do we get there?


By working to answer these four questions, the Visioning Committee was able to construct an image of the Village today and create an image of the Village for tomorrow.

Click here to view the Final Visioning Report.

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